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The Home is where the heart, body and soul is. Aren’t we all always on the lookout for an interior haven, with pieces that suit and fit our mood at all times? Enter The Home – a new venture from Royal Furniture Group, with specially curated interior settings so dreamy – one walk in and you’re bound to leave wanting that one stunning piece – be it a Coco...

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Why are headboards an interior décor rave?

Why are headboards an interior décor rave? Whether upholstered or finished with unique designs and materials, there’s something about a stunning headboard that instantly elevates even an uninspiring bedroom. Why are headboards an interior décor rave? It’s simple! A headboard can give your bedroom a personal touch, support your bed and protect your walls. Bedrooms should be a representation of your personal style and if you’re an interior lover, you’re going to need a...

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