Why are headboards an interior décor rave?

Whether upholstered or finished with unique designs and materials, there’s something about a stunning headboard that instantly elevates even an uninspiring bedroom.

Why are headboards an interior décor rave? It’s simple! A headboard can give your bedroom a personal touch, support your bed and protect your walls.

Bedrooms should be a representation of your personal style and if you’re an interior lover, you’re going to need a headboard that maintains that same point of view. After all, it will be the focus of the entire bedroom space so, make this amazing multi-functional feature into a statement art piece!

The Home’s six elegant headboard design styles will raise your bedroom to a new level of chic. Scroll below to view what we have to offer:

  1. Luxury headboards

Luxury headboards emit sheer class. They give an elegant look to the entire interior of your bedroom. The Home offers bespoke design options with stunning features within this category.

  1. Leather headboards

If you want a material that demonstrates class and sophistication, leather is the way to go. Using a leather headboard can be practical too, since its very durable and will last a long time. The Home has a plethora of leather options and alternative fabrics in various shades.


  1. Wooden headboards

The Home’s wooden headboards are available in many shapes, styles, sizes and finishes. From the perfect fresh look to a rustic look, the charming wooden options are timeless and sturdy.

  1. Storage headboards

Storage headboards are both practical and stylish. You’ll have ample space to display and store books, frames, candles, plants and other accessories. This style will help make your bedroom feel as big as possible.

  1. Wall headboard

With extra width and height, these celling to floor headboards are a unique way to decorate your walls for an extra visual appeal. Moreover, as the walls of your home are blank canvases, these headboards can also be used to decorate, living rooms, hallways and dining room.

  1. Upholstered headboards
  • Tufted:

Tufted headboard, which is a type of upholstered headboard, adds a touch of charm to your bedroom’s décor with eye-catching button finishes. It not only illustrates an elegance appeal, but also offers immense comfort.

  • Padded:

Padded headboards are also another type of upholstered headboard. It’s amazing sense of cosiness and beauty has remained unmatched and will always be in style. It also protects your wall against abrasion.

Furthermore, if you want to custom design a headboard that echoes your style, we’re here to provide free online and in-person consultation, installation and delivery across Dubai.

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